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How to finance website, monetize portal, earn money using a blog or forum. In short, how to transform wasted time into money? Flying from the cuckoo's nest to the best marketplace in galaxy...

The global financial, political and moral crisis now three years old has not abated. In fact, the world's biggest stupidity crisis ever has actually made our most important problems even worse. For some unexplained reason, by exploiting the collective stupidity, in a useless attempt to keep our insane debt-based global monetary system afloat, central banks are just entering Phase 2 of quantitative easing, ready to try again to bail out old debt with the new debt.


If aliens visit us, breaking our doubt if there is any intelligent life form out there in the Universe, they will escape from Earth as quickly as possible  realizing how stupid we are. We have finally reached the peak in stupidity production, point where supply exceeds demand even if stupidity is our primary food. This fact represents a real threat of biblical proportions for the weakened economy because everything we do in our modern world would be impossible without the stupidity. Knowledge is ignorance, debt is wealth, war is peace, slavery is freedom... and even more... it seems impossible, but the stupidity makes all this possible... 

Tens of thousands of years of human evolution have resulted in undeniable fact: We are at war against ourselves and the beautiful blue planet we live on. The sole purpose of human existence has become to make a few rich banking dynasties even richer by spending our lifetime on producing and consuming crap that no one really needs. For all of humanity, the better tomorrow hunt is lasting much too long. Do we know for what reason? All absent in decision room, bad weather outside, road work ahead, alien autopsy or a mix of something else? Come on buddy, even birds are already singing that the global monetary sovereignty is in private hands, both at global and national levels. Never heard of it? All money currently in existence is in the form of debt. How can you distinguish the original creditor from the later debtor, if at the act of issuance you don't know precisely who is the owner of money issued as a debt? Modern money is backed by nothing. Pardon me, if we are the ones that produce everything and if we, citizens, are the owners of what we produce, then why do we borrow our own money from the banks in the form of toilet paper created out of nothing? 




Sorry to bother you with one personal question: Do you really need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows? A true man does not need complicated definitions of freedom in order to recognize his state of slavery.


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We want to transform actual Corporate Prison into the Free Planet Earth, the most beautiful, peaceful and desirable place that exist in the galaxy. Is it really so hard to do the right thing and transform our collective despair into compassionate action, an adventure that will lead us to discover again most simple but immensely powerful principles? Let me reveal to you a great secret: You can be poor even without working. Being free is free, it doesn't cost a penny. Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.


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Probably more or less frequently you meet the term 'industrial revolution', but that's something that belongs to the past, we surpassed it with the information revolution. Today we live in information society also known as a telematic society, community characterized by wisdom and knowledge in which the creation, distribution, diffusion, use, integration and manipulation of information won the first place on the podium of the social bases such as politics, finance, production, culture and all the rest. As such the most powerful weapon in the world, word is something that can be both good and bad at the same time, it's up to you to choose a better option. Now honestly, have you ever used alternative currencies?

The majority of internauts who are trying to enrich Web Universe with their talent has experienced delusions of all kinds, especially in the world of activism and "free" services. The labor time spent through constant active creativity in the computer world will become renouncement from this "hobby" if not lead to any gain in the end.

Information technology, computer files, databases, archives, documents, internet, programming, web design and best possible strategies: How to convert your time spent in this "hobby" into money? How to finance your portal, website or forum, how to monetize your blog?

Here's one possibility worth thinking about it, personal benefit on social harm:


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Otherwise, don't lie to yourself, organised religion divides people, it is "believe in something" that something that unify us. For example, you may start to believe that we, ordinary mortals can truly change our lives and make the world a better place to live in. If you really want to change the world for the better, then why not start now? In essence, freedom of choice is the main difference between democracy and dictatorship. Born free on the Free Planet, how does this sound to you? Do something is essential for the transition from Corporate Prison to the Freedom of Human Civilization - do nothing is suicidal! 

So let's start with the marketplace. Marketplace? Buy my products, don't buy me! It's simple like a bean, you need money to survive, you need extra money for production, you need consumers with enough money to buy your products, and at the end of all this - forget your life if it's not worth of living - money is not everything, there's also something called a "free time". Where to find the same key for all 4 locks, and how to apply these four golden rules?


Proposed Solution - Extraordinary Solution For Extraordinary Times

1) Start to study a problem:




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2) Meet me at the solution: 

- Alternative Economic Approach To Sustainable Development


3) Eliminate the problem:

- Join the Crom Alternative Currency System




4) Run your business:

a - Stick this label on your website, portal, webshop, online store, forum or blog
b - Get the code
c - Crom Marketplace doors are wide open for you


Now that you've discovered that money should no longer exist only as the root of all evil, you don't have to pay the price of your own self destruction anymore, now you've turned money into the seed of all good. Good luck!


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