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Penis and dick are basically the same thing, but if you want to protest, you can only use your or someone else's dick.

Do you think that the level of civil liberties all around the world will increase, decrease, or remain the same in the near future?

Do you think the world elite is really trying to make us all slaves?


The entire world is gripped by largest financial crisis of all time, what's your best guess of what's wrong with the global economy: Are we all asking to be robbed, or we're all fucked by the same monster cock?

Do you favor or oppose the new world order, the same old dick in a new condom?

Do you think the global elitists are winning or not winning the war against all the people of the world?

Do you think the global elite can win or cannot win in a war for the establishment of the new world order, in order to achieve one world government, one world debt based fiat currency issued by the privately owned global central bank?

Frank Fenner, a leading australian academic, has come out recently and predicted that the human race will be extinct within the next 100 years.
In general, how would you say things are going for the human race: Very well, moderately well, moderately badly or we're in big deep shit?

Global elitists are no longer even attempting to hide their supreme objective: March into the mentality of hell. In reality, world has always been a level of hell, especially now, everything one can see arround is nothing but sadness, depression, anxiety, madness, rage and depravity.

Until just a few years ago, people couldn't even imagine that the existence of Bilderberg Group will soon be exposed on hundreds of thousands of websites and blogs.


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More and more people urges a wake-up call to save the sense of life: If Earth as a cosmic body is a free planet, and if you are born a free man or woman, you don’t need to live like a slave, you have no master, you are free to live your life freely.

And now my dearest charged particles and most elegant ladies and gentlemen, no matter who you are and no matter what you do, do you know how long is the world's biggest dick, or if you prefer, the world's biggest cock or maybe even simpler, how long is the world's biggest penis?

Here are some facts aboot the world's biggest human male reproductive organ:




- the biggest dick in the world has been created by Russian artist Leonid Nikolayev from Moscow as a protest sign against the Global Gulag

- it has been painted on a St. Petersburg drawbridge that faces the local headquaters of the Federal Security Service, the successor to the old Soviet KGB

- the biggest erect penis in the world is a 65 meter (200 foot) long- high

As you can clearly notice in this you tube video, the penis graffiti did not impede the functioning of the drawbridge, but after all, the author's intention was something completely different...


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The most important thing is that the Earth is your free planet, to enjoy, no matter what your supposed owners - the global elite think, you are a free-resident of the world. What really matters is, keep in mind, none of us are free if one of us is chained.



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