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A long time ago when this planet was still free and green, government found that really educated and financially independent people are hard to control. "Divide and rule" is a very successful policy, it's no secret that "United People Forces" is the biggest scare these days of financial, economic, political, intellectual and moral worldwide bankruptcy. No real education exist without the truth, and truth has always been an unwelcome guest. The simple truth is that this is your life and you can make of it what you will, this is your free planet and you have your God-given unalienable rights. The truth is also that those who have the money make the rules. But what is the truth about the money? What is money and how money is created? The fact is that more and more people are turning to bartering today. Now let me ask you one question. What would be the best description of our educational system? Slaves producing slaves, is that right, Mr. Yes? Here's some very interesting news about changing the way we think and act...

More families are deciding that school’s out – forever. It may sound flaky, but the ‘unschooling’ movement's ideas are going mainstream as parents are increasingly opting to keep their kids out of class.


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What happens next if the state can go bankrupt?

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