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Of course, you already know who is Ron Paul and what is HR 1207.


It's a bill to audit the Federal Reserve (FED), one of the most important events in last 100 years of history.


But what do you know about the European Central Bank?

Did you know, President of the ECB, Jean Claude Trichet is a member of Bilderberg Group.

European Central Bank is a public institution, or a private corporation?

Euro is a money, or debt?

A very important petition to audit the European Central Bank appeared on the web few days ago.

Here it is:

To:  European Commission


We ask for the auditing of the European Central Bank, following similar initiatives occurring in the US, like the proposal of the acts HR1207 and S604.

The so-called Public Debt is incurred because the European states surrendered the sovereign right to issue their own money to private corporations that lend it at interest.

So instead of paying for the paper and ink costs of banknotes we have to raise taxes to fulfill the megalomaniac and sociopathic ego of private bankers.

Restore monetary sovereignty and give back the monetary rent (at least the 7% of the GDP) to the nations!

China is doing exactly like that and this is why they will EVER outperform us!

Protect the destiny of our children.

Stop the crazy money-machine NOW!

If you agree with this petition, you can sign it here:

Petition: Audit The European Central Bank


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