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'Global Monetary Reform And The Transformation Of Society' - a material which contains unbelievable hidden facts about the law, man and monetary system is suddenly excluded from the official program of the First international social transformation conference by its Organizing committee.

17 April 2012, Organizers of the ISTC:
Dear colleagues, it is my pleasure to address this to you on behalf of “The 40 Foundation”, a Paris and Geneva based international NGO that supports independence of science, transdisciplinarity and global transition to more just and environmentally sustainable society. We are pleased to announce that on the 10th - 12th July 2012 the 40 Foundation, together with New Economics Foundation and Global Round Table is organizing the First International Social Transformation Conference, themed "Energy Currency" - to be held in the city of Split (Croatia). The event aims to place the study of alternative monetary systems within mainstream economic thinking and put global monetary reform onto the political agenda. If you find it possible to deliver a relevant paper and a presentation accordingly then it is our pleasure to invite you to join the conference as a speaker.

09 May 2012, Organizers of the ISTC:
Your presentation is under reviewing by the Board.

17 May 2012, Organizers of the ISTC:
For the participants of the Conference we have a special offer concerning accommodation. Please find enclosed herewith the details about the hotel and prices. You have an opportunity to order an official dinner (90 EUR) in the historical place – Villa Dalmatia. And one more interesting option is a guide city tour around Split with dinner in the restaurant Villa Rosina on July, 11.

21 May 2012, Organizers of the ISTC:
Dear Mr. Duric, the Organizing Committee of the First International Social Transformation Conference is happy to announce that your abstract has been accepted.

19 June 2012, Organizers of the ISTC:
Please accept my cordial apologies, but I must regretfully inform you that our scientific committee has reviewed papers submitted to the conference and decided not to include your speech into the program of the conference.

25 June 2012, Aljosa Duric:
According to some sacred principles, not only that economy is not a science, it is not social either. Science is a very different thing from ideology. Although both produce truth, we are not playing with one, but with two types of knowledge. And then when there is a lack of evidence and censorship of information, there comes the rational man who buys neither one nor the other served propaganda.

Dear ISTC Organizing Committee, it is often said that you cannot change what you refuse to confront. It may sound strange, but we are not at all surprised by the sudden exclusion of the presentational material "Perception Of Socio-Economic Problematics And Global Monetary Reform Vision" from the official conference program. The existence of Crom Alternative Exchange Association is more than rich with similar experiences. From our side, your tragicomically decision change is interpreted as a result of the influence of higher power that is motivated by the danger of spreading among the general population the unbelievable hidden facts about the state, law, man, person, money, monetary system, banks and debt which comes straight from the horse's mouth – government office. Wolf has always been a wolf, simply because sheep has always been a sheep; I'm using this opportunity to inform you that this is the point at which our paths diverge. Our still leads toward the final liberation from absolute dictatorship and economic slavery. Addio.


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