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Heyla people! The reality is that the derivative market is nearly 10 times the world GDP and many times greater than all the so-called “money” in the world. When was the last time you heard someone mention financial derivatives on the mainstream media? Or better, has this ever happened?


All big players in the derivatives trade use the same or very similar risky practices. In moments when market volatility negatively affect this proxy banks and agencies, in national security interest with the purpose of preservation of the status quo - they avoid regulators and accounting protocols.

Consider, for example, that J.P. Morgue is heavy 78.6 trillion dollars in financial derivatives - which in practise means that bank is betting 446 virtual dollars for every real dollar in equity. Just in case you are still wondering what is the trick that allows to take such extreme leveraged risk and apparently never suffer a loss, here's one clear indication: In 2006 Business Week reported that big banksters when acting patrioticaly for their country, can legally be excused from accounting.

These financial terrorists have created the invincible derivative warrior on key fronts of interest rates and bond prices, energy and commodities - including precious metals; where only God knows how many times the total volume of paper trade exceed the total sum of existing physical resources.

In other words, whole planet is accelerated toward the final checkmate scenario. We are witnessing with our own eyes that globalization is essentially just a synonym for centralization process. Necessary step in order to centralize any system is elimination of all alternatives except one, so in the end masses becomes completely dependent upon a single dominant doctrine with double standards.

The voluntary acceptance of the global monetary fraud and debt slavery is a perfect proof of how many people lack a basic economic understanding. Fortunately, due to complete economic collapse and worldwide currency devaluation, many have finally begun to suspect that something is rotten in legitimacy of the corrupted planetary financial structure.

The cleptocrates have conned us into thinking that the only possible so-called solution is to vote for fresh leaders and elect new puppets for the puppet masters - so illusion through conceptual manipulation can continue endlessly. Because every 4 years we come together to select our rulers, we are convinced that we are free. And while we are distracted with elections, they are destroying liberty and drowning our sovereignty into the thirsty body of an unaccountable one world government.

Global financial fascists, hand to hand with domestic useful idiots, have been able to conquest our political system, our legal system, our media and our education system. They have succeeded in dumbing us down and duping us into behaviour that because it's always been like this, it´s never gonna change in any way, it will always remain this way for us.

That's exactly the reason why we must stop playing by their rules and must get off of their artificial chess board. Hey man, few days ago all bankers accused in Parmalat case strolled free from the courtroom. When are you gonna wake up, learn the lesson and realize that the only way to deal with the global prison is to take the power back into our own hands - as individuals, communities and states.

Debt Slavery - The Rise Of The Global Financial Reich:


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Charles Ferguson has already summed up pretty well Iceland's financial chaos in his Oscar winning "Inside Job". And now, here's a new special documentary "Hotspot - Ireland" released by Max Keiser which focusing on Irish economic catastrophe.


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