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PageRank, link popularity and keyword rank are essential not only for every web site - today, that's the issue of controlling the world events. How much fake search engine results has been fabricated by those who claim Internet freedom and democracy?

The most obedient and productive slave is the one who is falsely convinced that he is free. We are all slaves to seigniorage, the strongest form of power in world politics. Under the dictatorship of ignorance and false knowledge, humanity is trapped in a cage with invisible bars. On the road to a New World Order, the most powerful weapon which global plutocracy uses to keep us enslaved are not whips and guns, but our eyes and ears.

What is the difference between homosexual and gay? Homosexuality is a sexual orientation, while gay is a moral characteristic. What is the difference between Roma and Gypsies? Roma is a nationality, while gypsy is a type of behaviour. What is the difference between Google, gay and Roma? Below you can check it by yourself.

Ever since recorded history began, and probably before, the fundamental issue to which all others were subordinated was slavery to money. Mankind has always fled from reality, by inventing new terms and definitions for that fundamental problem. Thanks to paided silence, we are actually facing the Apocalypse of the New Millennium. The new 21st century couldn't start worse. 9/11 inside job, colonization of Iraq and Afghanistan, economic crises, swine flu falsity, global warming fraud, Gulf of Mexico oil catastrophe, and finally total bankruptcy of the human civilization in financial, political and moral sense. We are currently witnessing Chernobyl-like crisis in Japan, nuclear and radiation disaster. Instead of promised prosperity, all our progress over the past millennium has been turned into suffering the consequences of the paided silence. After Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in a speech at the UN two years ago demanded compensation of US$7.77 trillion from the West for colonization of Africa, the policy of spreading bankster's kind of freedom and democracy is implemented again, right now, over Libyan territory.

The illusion of progress through striding toward self-destruction, is something we can avoid only in one way - plain and simple: We must stop using debt-money issued by the banking oligarchy.

In this sense, Crom is a dynamic, two-way interactive web site - news, forum and link directory within which also an independent monetary system with alternative currency exist.

Google is deserving for 96% of visitors to "Crom Alternative Currency" website through search engines. Although, unfortunately, in this case we are talking about very small number of visits, only tens or hundreds per day; Google dominance is not something that is exaggerated calling it a monopoly.

19 March 2011, Google Censorship: From Democracy To Dictatorship

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Alternatives exists, but web search engines doesn't allow them to be seen on the Internet!


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